We follow the technology closely and we have wanted to maintain the quality of azim socks since the day of establishment.

About Us

Azim Corap San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.
It has gained the place among the leading companies of the sector with its production capacity, qualified team, wide product range and creativity at the current point where it has stood since it was established in 1974.
Azim Socks working in collaboration with leading brands with its title in the international markets has combined its success with the respect for human and environment, ethical working values and the social responsibility perception and made it sustainable.
With this understanding, it still makes a global exportation especially to England, America and various European Union countries


While constituting our sales policy, we prioritize the type of the product we sell, the market structure and our customers’ expectations as well as the targets of Azim Socks. Accordingly, we provide a solution-based after sale support understanding our customers thanks to both the support during the sale and the after sale support.

Quality Control

We, as Azim Socks, adopt the maximum service mentality for our each customer. In the direction of the principles of solution and creativity, we are working with the high discipline and attention at every stage from the production line to the shipment and we are developing our all in-company procedures in accordance with the developing technology and the customer expectations.

We are among the leading companies of Turkey in exportation

We have increased our production capacity and our product quality and we have given great importance to develop our service network evenly since our establishment. We, who believe that there is no fixed limit of the quality, have moved our service network beyond the borders for this reason. We, as Azim Socks, which works with this motivation and always believes in innovation and development, have moved up to a leading brand including England, America and European Union countries today.

Reliable Brand

Hem müşterilerimizle hem de ticaret yaptığımız iş ortaklarımızla güvene dayalı çalışıyoruz. Taahhüt ettiğimiz hizmet kalitesini, bizi yansıtan hizmet anlayışıyla birleştiriyor ve güvenilir marka imajımızla sunuyoruz.

Durağandan Uzak Tasarımlar

Gelişime ve yenilenmeye inanan bizler; sürekli yenilediğimiz koleksiyonlar, gelişmiş teknoloji kullanımı, Ar-GE çalışmaları ve başarılı satış/pazarlama stratejileriyle hem Türkiye’ye hem dünyaya örnek olan tasarımlar sunuyoruz.

History of Socks

The first written information about socks is encountered in the art works of Hesiodos, a Greek poet lived in the 8th century B.C. The said socks, differently from today’s socks designs, were sewn like a pattern depending on the form of the feet and combined with the trousers. Also, leather or woolen cloth was used as a material for the primitive socks.

On each step to success…

We, Azim Socks, which has given service for more than 40 years for the design and production of socks which are one of the tiniest but the most eye-catching details in the dress combinations, provide first class products for Turkey and all over the world.
We, who keep going with an innovative perspective at every stage from the design to the product development and from the production to the after sale product, provide you with tens of products with ideas far from constant.


Our design team within the body of Azim Socks is preparing the seasonal collections with different color and pattern variations as well as the works made with the patterns coming from our customers. Each collection is presented to our customers’ tastes with the union of the diversity of color and pattern combinations with the Azim Socks quality. Our target in the design process is to combine the modern and progressive style with the aesthetics and to reflect this to the socks.


Azim Socks is one of the leading socks manufacturers of the sector with its machine park technology and its wide product range. It has the capability to meet the customer standards at the highest level with the machine variety and the great production experience. It may provide the continuity in the product quality with its creative and innovative structure and the principle of adapting to the up-to-date technologies.


Our toe stitching department has been established with the 2015 model Italian Conti-brand sewing machines and the experienced team to meet the customer standards at the highest level.


Azim Socks meets the customer expectations in the best way with its laboratory certified by the internationally leading companies of the sector and with its experienced team; and always successfully maintains the continuous development and its image of being a pioneer brand with its innovative approach based on R&D and its laboratory with the installation of the latest systems.


Azim Socks carries out the packaging of the whole production in the ironing-packaging department within its own body. The ironed products become ready for sale with the steam iron whose park is renewed constantly and which is designed according to the technology of the day.


Azim Socks makes production in all product ranges with accessories with the accessory, transfer printing and embroidery machines within its body and with its experienced team. Thus, it meets the service, quality and cost expectations of the customers in the most proper way.


Contact Us

Address: Osmangazi Mah. Gazi Cad. No:23 Esenyurt/İstanbul
Phone: +90(212)  886 74 80